The main topics of our research are:

  • Recognition of protein coding sequences
  • Overlapping genes and generation of new coding sequences
  • Analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome structure
  • Computer simulation and modeling of genes, chromosomes, genomes and populations evolution
  • Role of intragenomic recombination frequency and inbreeding in sympatric speciation
  • Analyses of reasons of higher genetic defect frequency after in vitro fertilization
  • Molecular phylogeny and evolution of various genes and proteins, including ancient DNA
  • Endosymbiosis and evolution of primary and complex plastids


Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics
Faculty of Biotechnology
University of Wrocław
ul. Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 14a
50-383 Wrocław, POLAND
TEL. +48-071- 3756-331
FAX +48-71-3756-234
e-mail: webmaster -> mailto:%20administrator [snail] smorfland [period] uni [period] wroc [period] pl
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